WhatsApp Gets Exclusive New Functions For Android

WhatsApp V 2.12.258 New Features For Android

The Messenger WhatsApp has the latest version of Android get new features. Thanks to the updates can be set with immediate personalized alerts, mark messages as unread, turn friends silent and send the popular Middle Finger Emojis in different skin colors.

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New features WhatsApp for Android users

With the free Android update, you can select directly in WhatsApp custom notification sounds for any IM contacts, change the Vibrate or always view new messages as popup. Who has a status LED on his smartphone, also can also change the color of the LED for specific contacts without additional app.

Mute function for annoying IM contacts

Those who prefer to rest from his annoying chats, takes pleasure in addition to ensure the new mute function. About the point mute activate within the IM settings, whether and how long you want to turn on messages from a Chat dumb – that works 8 hours up to an entire year.

Unread function for chat messages on Android

The third new feature which keeps unread function now also feed on Android devices. If you press and hold a chat message, can this after updating to the new version of Android “mark as unread”. In your chat partner but still dive the blue Read-hook on, provided that these are activated.

Middle Finger Emoji smileys and in several skin tones

Also on board the latest update is now also the coveted middle finger-Emoji, which was previously only available in the beta version. At the same time some Smileys can now also send in different skin colors.

WhatsApp backup function via Google Drive back

In addition, the well-known from earlier betas will Google Drive Backup to back WhatsApp. This allows your chat history easily secure in the cloud and restore them when needed – exactly how you activate the backup function, you will see in the following video. As usual, the update will gradually spread, who no longer want to wait for the new version, found in us to the free download.

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