TubeMateYouTube Downloader APK

TubeMateYouTube Downloader APK For Android

With TubeMate material you get free a development of the popular YouTube Downloader TubeMate on your Android device.The TubeMate YouTube Downloader is probably the most popular Android YouTube Downloader on the market. With TubeMate (material) you should get a further development of the app in the material design on your smartphone or tablet.

TubeMateYouTube Downloader APK

TubeMate in Material Design

The backbone of TubeMate (Rial) is identical to the original TubeMate. You will notice this already during the first start, here the new design does not interfere yet and you all notes are displayed as you are used to from the TubeMate app. Only when you reach the actual user interface, the changes are clear. Here the developer behind the project The Psycraft done a great job and the app in many places optically reamed. The most obvious are the changes to the new control bar at the top of TubeMate (Rial). Here the color of unsightly dark gray has been adapted to the modern pale red of material designs. Tap there one of the controls on, however, it becomes clear that the project is still under construction.

YouTube Downloader for Android

Many parts of the app are still faithfully in the old-fashioned look of TubeMate kept itself. Since this is the first release, is to be expected, however, that the developer will repair at these locations still. The Android YouTube Downloader itself works eventually as usual: by looking at the app’s internal search bar on the desired content in portals like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo or Facebook. Have you located the video, tap only on the download button, select the required format and the video resolution and the download will start.

TubeMate (Rial) missed the strong Android YouTube Downloader TubeMate finally an attractive appearance. Yet all surfaces are not revised, already gives an idea but that TubeMate (Rial) is to look pretty next to the powerful download function soon.

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