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In simulation adventure “Seabeard” You assume the role of a young sailor who has made it his mission to build a world devastated island from scratch. Along the way, it is necessary to cope with all sorts of tasks, such as to collect things and to sell, to hire new crew members and to explore uncharted territory. Messing up is the Android app as a mixture of “Animal Crossing” and “Zelda: The Wind Waker” and follows in pretty big shoes to fill.

Seabeard APK Mod

The colorful 3D graphics in comic style is to look very detailed and beautiful, despite its somewhat idiosyncratic style. The game control via touchscreen works well and is fairly intuitive. About the laterally fold menu bar can be the current state of all active tasks retrieve. This one always keeps track even after a longer break.

During the game you are constantly encountering new challenges. Sometimes you just have to get items for NPCs to obtain rewards. But above all the construction tasks are sometimes quite complex and require a lot of dedication and patience. The mini-games on the boating and fishing on the other hand provide for the necessary action and require a lot of skill and a good responsiveness. For continuous entertainment is therefore ensured.

When you connect with friends via Google Play or Facebook, you can visit their islands and leave messages on the local billboards. But also useful trade relations be nursed in this way.

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