Ragnarok Kingdoms APK Mod

Download Ragnarok Kingdoms Horn of War APK Mod For Android

Ragnarok Kingdoms Leap into an exciting new adventure in Rune-Midgard! Build a thriving empire in this massive multiplayer online strategy game set in the magical world of Ragnarok Online, the legendary MMORPG that took Asia and the world by storm!

Rune-Midgard has been torn to pieces by an endless war, as fledgling cities and age-old kingdoms fight over territory and resources. As a young ruler, it is up to you to turn your humble state into a prosperous and mighty empire! Manage your own city-state, protect it from other warring factions, collect resources, and plunder your enemies. Display your shrewdness in the art of war as you pulverize those who threaten the peace of your kingdom.

Ragnarok Kingdoms APK Mod

Put your diplomatic skills to use and forge alliances with your friends. Discuss strategies with other players and establish a powerful guild!

Note: A network connection is required to play.

Game Features:

  • Charming Ragnarok Online art style
  • Build your own fledgling kingdom in the harsh world of Midgard
  • Train and upgrade your troops to defend your populace
  • Preemptively strike at your enemies or plunder smaller kingdoms for resources
  • Build alliances with other players and form guilds to take on the rest of the world
  • Acquire cards and various other collectibles

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