Puffin Browser APK Download

Puffin Web Browser is very fast in speed. Once you have the experience of working on such a high-speed browser, the normal version of Internet will feel like too slow. The puffin browser is very advanced version of the family of Puffin. It has no ads so it’s not sponsored. You can download the puffin browser apk from this post.

Puffin Browser APK

Puffin Browser APK Download
Puffin Browser

The style of Puffin Browser is unique. When you work on it you will realise this. Puffin will speed up the browsing process by making a shift of the workload to the cloud servers from the resource limited devices. You will see the super fast speed of different sites that usually take very long time to get accessed. It will be a real fun for the user using Puffin browser. The speed would be extra fast on mobile no tablets. Puffin Lao supports the camera and microphone for the flash-based conferencing.

The puffin app and the Puffin server are all encrypted and therefore you will get protection from the hackers. This browser is very safe to use the public wi-fi whereas most of the browsers are unsafe for the use of public wi-fi. The makers keep improving and updating the cloud servers to keep the users updated with the versions.

The use of flash content and the videos require a very high bandwidth that is much more than the speed of the normal web browser.


There are a lot of features that Puffin Browser browser has to offer the users. Some of them are mentioned below

  • User can pick from the color theme for the sidebars.
  • There is the theatre mode for the flash games and the videos.
  • The browser offer fast JavaScript engine
  • There is bide flash support.
  • The user can find the virtual trackpad and gamepad.
  • You can use the web on phone or on desktop.
  • Another feature is that it auto cleans the browsing activities in the app.
  • Fastest speed of browsing.
  • Secured to be used.


There are certain drawbacks also of Puffin browser apart from the above mentioned features

The data centers of Puffin Web Browser are only present in United States. Therefore the cloud servers will only be able to access the public websites only for the people accessing the browser in United States
There are geological restrictions therefore the users outside the United States may not be able to view the local content such s local videos etc. This may happen because of the restrictions in their home countries.
The use of Puffin is completely banned in some of the countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, China etc.

Download Puffin Browser APK

Download Puffin Browser APK
Download Puffin Browser APK

Download Puffin Browser APK

Download Puffin Browser from Google Play Store

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