Pokemon Shuffle mod apk

Pokemon Shuffle mod apk is a whole new version of puzzle game where the main purpose is to solve those puzzles to beat Pokemon and win the game. It is a mobile application and this game is free to download from PlayStore.

In this game, you line up three to four Pokemon in a line either vertically or horizontally, and then these Pokemons go on to beat the Wild Pokemon. There are many stages of fun in this game and you will find different Pokemon in each new level.

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Pokemon Shuffle mod apk Details

Pokemon Shuffle mod apk
Pokemon Shuffle mod apk

Pokemon Shuffle mod apk is a great game for both experts and beginners. This game is intuitive and at the same time, it is easy to play. The only thing in this game is that you have to select a Pokemon and match different combos and then you are ready to play this game. The visual treat of the game is fantastic and the sound effects and each treat are appealing to the eyes.

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  1. Pokemon shuffle mod apk game is challenging and fun to play.
  2. A new feature has been added to the game where if you return to a certain stage, you can start with the previous Pokemon that you were playing with in the previous stage.
  3. The user interface of the game has been changed and made simple for the players so that they can understand it more easily and appropriately.
  4. Some issues in the previous version have been resolved and made more simpler.


  1. V1: In the first stage, you will get 3k coins at the stage completion which will help you to get ahead to the next level.
  2. V2: In this level, apart from the 3k coins, you will also get High ATK damage which is 500 ATK power.
  3. V3: In this stage, all of the mega stones are unlocked for the players. And the rest remains the same.
  4. V4: Pokemon Shuffle Mod apk in the 4th level gets all the maximum powers of the Pokes.

When you go on to install this game, do check that your data is rooted or else your data will be lost. If the game is not rooted, then install the signed version of the game before you proceed.

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