Mystery Of Criminal Detective APK

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Mystery Of Criminal Detective 1.0.1 Kids who watch thrilling and detective movie always have a fantasy of becoming a detective themselves so that they can investigate a crime scene with their intelligence and catch the criminal. Gameiva brings a perfect game for all those detective kids where they can become and solve a criminal case on their own. Watch the crime scene carefully and pick out all the suspicious items there. There are lot of criminal scenes which needs to be solved immediately so get ready and start the super investigation.

Mystery Of Criminal Detective APK

Game Features:

1) There are three bunches of crime that has happened.
2) Each bunch has 10 different levels of crime investigation scenes.
3) The levels will be from easy to very difficult as you pass each level.
4) Find out all the suspicious objects in the crime scene within the given time and score maximum points.
5) Complete all the levels and become a successful detective.
6) Share this detective game with your friends and test your intelligence.

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