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In My Free Zoo mobile, you get to open your very own virtual zoo. Build all sorts of enclosures, fill them with exotic animals and decorate to your heart’s content! Attract visitors with unique decorations and a wide variety of species, ranging from zoo classics such as lions and giraffes to more unusual species such as pangolins, cape vultures and clouded leopards. Animal game fans will be delighted by the variety. If you love zoo games, you are going to be head over heels in love with My Free Zoo’s lovingly detailed cartoon graphics and limitless possibilities. Take care of your virtual animals – feed them, entertain them and provide them with tender loving care – right on your smartphone or tablet. Equip enclosures with feeding and watering troughs as well as play equipment to provide your animals with top-of-the-line care.

MyFreeZoo Mobile

My Free Zoo mobile offers more than conventional tycoon games – it also provides well-thought out social features, such as a friendship system that allows players to make friends with other players and visit their zoos. This not only offers you the chance to see what other players have done with their zoo design – you can also help out with small zoo game tasks to earn stars and collect card pieces. Card pieces can be traded amongst players, and are a great way to get exotic animals for your zoo.

This zoo game even lets you breed animals – equip your zoo with a breeding station and get started. Get a taste of animal breeding games, as you breed rare animals such as polar bears to save populations and bring fame to your zoo. And as an added perk, baby animals are especially popular visitors and are sure to bring visitors flooding to your zoo.
Tycoon game fans will get their fill; countless zoo game features include:

  • A visually impressive and lovingly-detailed zoo game setting
  • Entertaining social gaming features
  • A wide variety of animals that is constantly expanded
  • Constant updates and additions
  • Exciting story quests
  • Adorable animal animations
  • Game features that allow you to care for animals and breed animals
  • Intuitive game controls
  • Great animal game events

Experience My Free Zoo mobile and download the app free on your smartphone or tablet now. The game is optimized for tablets, but can be played on smartphones, too. However, the display will be rather small. Discover the world of animal games and give into a zoo experience like no other with My Free Zoo mobile. Open your own zoo. Prove your skill as a zoo director. Download the game now and start playing right away – build enclosures, put animals into them, and care for animals. Your first visitors are sure to come soon! Welcome to My Free Zoo mobile!

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