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Download Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation APk For Android

Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation is the best three-dimensional shooter from the first person which possesses really magnificent graphics, a remarkable engine and a dynamic game play. You should pass the way from Los Angeles to Pakistan and become the witness of large-scale battles in the fight for freedom of the USA. The game allows to take pleasure in realistic military operations where you act as one of the American soldiers. At your order there will be some types of weapon, grenades, C4 explosive and other. The game is simply saturated with a large number of special effects, qualitatively traced locations and additional actions

Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation apk

Download Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation APk Files With Cache

How To Install

  • Install apk
  • Extract cache to sdcard/android/obb
  • Extract patch.1130 obb (it is in Addition) to sdcard/Android/obb/
  • Run the game (the first time run it with enabled internet connection)

Android 2.1 and higher. v.1.1.3 APK

Android 2.1 and higher. v.1.1.4g

Android 2.1 and higher. Addition v.1.1.3

Android 2.1 and higher. Game cache

Android 2.1 and higher. Addition v.1.1.4g

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