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Impossible  Game APK 0.35 Download For Android

Impossible Game The name says it all, the game is far from easy. We have nevertheless gambled some frustrating rounds and subsequently betrayed our first impression. Impossible the next representative prepares to follow in the footsteps of Flappy Bird with a similarly simple gameplay, simple graphics and enormous potential for addiction.The goal of the game, respectively, the object of the user is quickly described: It is necessary to maneuver an arrow through an ever-changing environment of all sorts of geometric shapes.

Impossible APK Download

In addition, the barriers partially extend over the entire width of the screen, only small gaps allow the onward journey – and even to catch these holes, requires a lot of skill and patience. Third, the control also contributes a significant portion to the potential for frustration of 13 MB big title in – simply because it is implemented some getting used to. Namely directed in two ways: either by the player wipes the bottom of the screen left or right, which also works quite decently in the rule.

The problem is the thing, if you take your finger off the screen out of sheer nervousness. At times however, namely laying, make sure to position the finger just below the arrow – otherwise these hops namely left or right to the new position of the finger. This also means that the user can control by finger tips. While this allows more rapid jumps from one side to the other, however, is anything but easy to estimate, because the arrow reacts so extremely insensitive. This type of control is so well recommended only after a few laps.

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