Happy Wheels Unblocked Play This Game from Anywhere

If you are tired with the normal version of Happy Wheels then you need to try out the unblocked version because it’s a hacked version which lets you do anything in the game. Happy Wheels Unblocked is rather enjoyable and more fun than the official version where you have to work really hard to just get a little forward.

God Mod for Happy Wheels Unblocked

The god mode or simply the immortal mod for Happy Wheels is available in the Happy Wheels Unblocked version. The god mod will let you keep on playing the game. You will never die in the game so that’s why it’s also called the immortal mod.

Happy Wheels Unblocked
Happy Wheels Unblocked

However, the game might become quite uninteresting as you will never end up. Should you get stuck in an obstacle, you won’t even die so that probably means you have to restart the game to get out of that maze. This is considered is the most psychotic part of the god mod for Happy Wheels Unblocked but other than that, the game is going to be awesome. So no ‘Restart’ messages at all.

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Please avoid being stuck on obstacles and if you are able to keep an eye out for those obstacles then you are really going to enjoy the god mod. Let us know how much you like the unblocked version of Happy Wheels.

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Happy Wheels Unblocked is a racing game but you might be shocked to see it’s not like the racing games you know (Need for Speed, for instance). The unblocked Happy Wheels has got a lot of new features like dark humor, flying body parts and of course, tons of interesting levels to keep you busy. In Happy Wheels Unblocked, the more you make errors, the more you will lose your body parts. However, you can still race even if you lose both of your arms or legs (that sounds quite insane, for sure).

Happy Wheels Unblocked Controls

Happy Wheels Unblocked is played by people of all ages. It’s rated Everyone (3+). Don’t worry even if you are new to this game. It’s an online flash game so it won’t take hours to load on your PC. You can play Happy Wheels Unblocked on the go if you have an internet connection, along with a perfect web browser (use Google Chrome for best experience). The controls are really simple. Even if you are new to Happy Wheels Unblocked, the following points will make you familiar with the controls of the game:

Space Bar- Main Action

Ctrl or Shift- Secondary Action

Arrow Keys- Forward, backward, left and right

Z- Eject

Let us know in the comments if you are enjoying Happy Wheels Unblocked. If the game does not load on your web browser, try clearing the cookies and see if it works or else try with another web browser. This is Happy Wheels Unblocked so it will work on every network connection. Enjoy racing with up to 8 simultaneous players!

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