Guardians of Valor APK Download

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Guardians of Valor APK Download Visuals made possible by the unmatched power of Unreal Engine 4.

Guardians of Valor APK Download

➢ CAMPAIGN THROUGH THE STORM – Face more than 150 waves of enemies across 24 levels!
➢ CHALLENGING ENEMY TYPES – Challenge yourself by defeating over 50 different kinds of enemies!
➢ UPGRADE YOUR DEFENSE – Unlock 4 unique towers with a total of 44 upgrades to perfect your strategy!
➢ SELECT YOUR WARDEN – Lead the charge with a unique collection of 10 upgradable heroes and abilities!
➢ IMMERSE YOURSELF IN SOUND – Enhance your gaming experience with quality audio including an original sound track!
➢ ARM YOURSELF – Purchase powerful items from the in-game store to gain an advantage!

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