Fake Me A Call APK

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With the Android app “Fake Me A Call” you can not make or receive a call, but the free app simulates an incoming call before. Select the caller name, caller number, and after how many seconds the Fun App, you should call or make optional a concrete time a. At this time you get a fake call with realistic in scene set, screen. Just to hear is no.

Fake Me A Call APK

Alibi app saves you from awkward situations With the Android app you simulate calls in order to steal from a situation can or to show how indispensable you are. In the next boring meeting, you can save the Fun App just like a boring Date.

For Tepid draw from the affair

With the Cheat App fool timed before a call on your phone, which works reliably in the test. With the individual call screens and flexible timers convinced the free app and qualifies as helpful accomplice who can you save the evening.

Advantages: Almost perfect fake calls thanks to the Android app

Detail lovers replica:
In the Android app, you can select the call screen of the Fake calls from three different variants. This will ensure that your screen looks like a real call. Among other things, the call screen of HTC devices, for example, contain.

Flexible Timer:
You determine flexibly, when the Fun App to call you. This may be, for example, after a few seconds or to a specific time. So you can give 15 minutes your blind date, for example. If your date does not make it until then, to convince you, saves you the staged call this app out of the situation. Is your new acquaintance, however interesting, you can impress this by telling the fake caller that you just have a very interesting conversation.

Ringtone and vibration:
You decide with this free app itself, the ringtone will be used for the fake-call and if your phone also vibrates. In order to personalize the vertigo-app exactly as it is all right.

Disadvantages: Fake Me A Call without simulated voice

No simulated conversation:
Unfortunately, you will hear in your smartphone no voice when you answer the call. In a peaceful setting you could quickly be fatal. Here, the app should be retrofitted.

Tested on: Android version 2.3.5 on HTC Desire HD

Version Update: Version 1.2.9 with minor bug fixes

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