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Root Explorer Apk is the best file manager app for the people who are the root users. If you are looking to access all files from your android device including elusive data folder then this android app is something you should install on your device.

Download the application on your latest version of the android devices such as tablets and the mobile phone. See how well it runs on the android device.

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App Root Explorer

Root Explorer
Root Explorer

Mentioned here are the features of root explorer APK

  • There is an easy navigation in between the various locations by just clicking or swiping of the tab.
  • The users can┬ásee the Google Dropbox, Google drive and the network support.
  • There are various themes that the user can use and it varies in Colors and designs.
  • The application has the text editor system.
  • It can create and extras the tar and the zip files.
  • It can also extract the rar files.
  • The application can easily perform the lengthy operations such as cut, copy, move etc in the background.
  • The frequently used folder and files can be bookmarked.
  • The application can also stream the audio and the video files from the can then cloud it to the┬ámedia player application.
  • The user can view the properties of the files such as date, size etc.
  • The user can search the functions.
  • The icons can be customised and used according to the need.
  • The application has the open with feature. The user can open the files according to their. Generic types.
  • User can create the customisable icon sets.
  • It is Built in the SQLite database viewer.
  • The user can create the image thumbnails.
  • The user can transfer and send the files with the use of Bluetooth or the emails.
  • You will also find the multi select option.

There is much more to be offered by the android device. You can do the easy search to find out the files even for the system files. You can take the backup, categorise nod Crete the short cuts. It automatically can delete the junk files and keep the storage can compress and extract the zip and the rar files easily. Download the root explorer version smoothly now and get started.

Download Root Explorer APK

Screenshot 2
Screenshot 2
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Screenshot 3

Download Root Explorer APK

Download Root Explorer from Google Play Store

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