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Clean master application is a wonderful device and works as the Android optimiser. It has many other benefits too. It works as the speed booster and saves the battery life.  The clean masters cleans the junk files quickly. This junk is gathered through various other applications that are downloaded by the user on his android device.

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If you are facing troubles with your phone then it is high time to install this application. Check if the phone is freezing all the time. There is not good space for the storage of the pictures and installing the applications. The battery of your device dies quickly. You wish to lock the photos or messages but cannot. If you feel that your device gets heated up fast then it is the time to check and install clean master to protect your phone from damage.

Clean Master APK

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Clean Master

Below are the features that clean master apk or application provides:

  • Guard your Privacy: You will get app lock and thus you can lock the photos, messages that you do not want anyone to see. Protect your privacy by downloading it.
  • The junk gathers in the device if you have many applications on it. The clean master application will perfectly clean up the residual and cache files. Improve the phone performance of the device and secure digital memory card.
  • Save the Battery: The user will have the Battery Saver. It  analyzes the battery status. It then hibernate the running apps on the device to the save power mode. With Battery Saver, you can really stop the apps that waste too much of power and then extend your battery life in one tap.
  • Cool off the device: Cool off your mobile and tablet devices by searching and stopping the apps that actually overheats the battery and thus make the  battery last longer.
  • Anti virus on your device: It is ranked as number one by AV-TEST for the seventh time. It provides the professional quality of the antivirus services. These services can scan the devices in eight seconds only. This is faster  than other paid antivirus applications. It also Always scan your system, the installed applications are scanned as well. Thus the device is safe and protected. You device Stays well protected from spywares, viruses, Trojans etc.
  • The application manager: The application manager will uninstall the unwanted apps and take the backup of the important ones. Some of the rooted devices would be able to move apps to the  secure digital  card as well as uninstall the preinstalled and system applications.

Download Clean Master APK

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Clean Master APK Download

Download Clean Master APK

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