Dots Heroes APK Mod

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Dots Heroes Free version Game To learn how to defeat the enemy you need to perform some simple but effective techniques. Make sure that the team were always men of different classes, including archers, healers and foreign players; rapidly and continuously improve the units to increase speed, strength and survival; follow the formation, exposing more “dense” forward and less hardy ago. Remember Me? Then go forward into battle, destroy hundreds of enemies.Classic 2D strategy genre will play on the new, when you see all the possibilities of your games.

Dots Heroes APK Mod


Game Features:

  • 8 types of units (soldiers, barbarians, archers, mages, doctors and so on.)
  • 3 unique skills: a meteorite, ice field and tornadoes
  • 5 types of improvements (to increase speed, productivity, health and so on.)
  • Regular awards, bonuses and bustre
  • simple mechanics and tactics

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