Bubble Shooter Pop APK Download

Bubble Shooter Pop APK Download For Android

Bubble Shooter Pop One fine spring day, Sasa and Bessie on a joyful picnic together, till all of a sudden! Bessie was kidnaped by a monster! And so the adventure begins, Ella and Sasa are on the mission to save Bessie. Pop the bubbles and clear the missions for every stage along the way. Overcome different challenges and obstacles in all stages to save Bessie.

Bubble Shooter Pop apk

Game Features

  1. 3 different modes for all stages, Time Mode, Move Mode and Arcade Mode
  2. Collect variety of items with stars earned from each game play
  3. Upgrading pet system with different abilities
  4. Bonus system by earning keys to unlock
  5. Hundreds of stages with beautiful backgrounds

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