Antispy tool for Windows 10 O and O ShutUp10

Antispy tool for Windows 10 O & O ShutUp10

O & O ShutUp10 allows you to have self-control over the supplementary features of Windows 10 you want to use and what data transfer you go too far. In a simple user interface, you can easily regulate how Windows should 10 respect your privacy. Recommendations run here and give you tips on what features can be safely disabled.

Windows 10 O and O ShutUp10

O & O ShutUp10 requires no installation, can be started immediately and is therefore even portably used after unpacking. The operation is very simple: In the program window all relevant functions in the group “security”, “Privacy”, “location services”, “user behavior”, “Windows Update” and “Other” listed. An advanced standing red switch means that currently the factory default settings of Windows 10 are set. If the switch is green, your privacy is protected.

Other symbols provide information on whether that option should be set or not. Entries with a green check mark can be safely activated, a yellow triangle indicates restricted recommended settings. With a red exclamation mark marked entries should not be placed in the normal case. Examples include turning off the Windows Defender or the update function of the operating system.

Practical: If you click on an entry O & O ShutUp10 shows each a brief statement on this. About the “Actions” button to accept with just another click, the optimal settings or activate additional options restricted recommended. If you want, also can activate the same functionality or make any changes. Before any changes a restore point should be set if there are any unexpected problems.

More control over your operating system

  • Change security settings
  • Protect privacy
  • Control location services
  • Check Windows Update
  • Not to pass diagnosis and user data

Version 1.0.1343 Download

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