Angry Birds Transformers APK Download

Download Angry Birds Transformers 1.6.17 APK For Android

For the first time do not pull but with the dangerous bird-spin in the war. Instead, Angry Birds Transformers is designed as a side scroller. This means that you race through levels as if on rails on the screen and your opponent have to do while driving. The further you advance, the harder the levels and your opponents are. For that you always turn the game progresses new Bird Transformers free, which always come up with new skills.

Angry Birds Transformers APK Download

Although the new gameplay is fun, the aggressive in-app purchase policy discourages however significantly. So the shoot ’em up adventure makes fun though, may after some time but also be very frustrating.

Angry Birds Transformers Tips And Tricks

  • Although the gameplay of Angry Birds has changed somewhat, the pigs still entrenched in different blocks.
  • So Shoot as possible to weak blocks that bring the structure to collapse. With the red Transformer you should, for example, shoot at first only on blocks of ice to eliminate several pigs with a shot.
  • The most efficient method is to destroy TNT. In order to be sent to maximum damage.
  • Because the pigs are sometimes very well armored, you have little chance if you target the pigs directly.
  • Especially the flying pigs have it in for your life.
  • Flying pigs in the air, shoot immediately on this. To lose only a little of your life.
  • The Flying Pigs are relatively weak armor, so usually enough shot.
  • Another disadvantage is that ailing transformers to recover.
  • Unfortunately, this requires a waiting period, if you do not skip this with in-app purchases.
  • Do not forget to enable upgrades to keep up with the stronger opponents can.
  • Transform yourself not too late from the car back into the robot, otherwise you will lose valuable time.
  • Keep a close eye on the background. There often hide nor pigs.
  • Get a feel for the abilities and weaknesses of the characters in order to assess the risks properly.

Note: This app requires Android OS 4.0 or later.

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