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Manage Android devices from the PC With AirDroid

AirDroid APK Download AirDroid is a comprehensive software with which you can access from your computer to your Android smartphone or tablet. In addition to wireless file sharing software offers many other useful features such as a forwarding App Notify the PC or remote control of the Android device.
After installing the software AirDroid it is necessary that you register for free offered. This can be done directly after starting the wizard. In the next step you need to perform the AirDroid app installed on your Android device with which you want to connect, and log in with your user data. On the PC you now allowed AirDroid easy transfer of files to your Android device via WLAN. To do this, drag the files easily into the program window of AirDroid.

AirDroid For Pc

The other way around, you can send the app also files to your PC. Next, you can use the software to retrieve the text messages and call history and access your contact list. On existing contacts can then be directly send from the PC SMS messages. The text you type comfortably with your PC keyboard. If this is desired by the user, AirDroid passes also further notifications from incoming SMS, calls or any apps for PC screen. For this purpose must be granted on the Android device the app to access the alerts. Here, a wizard helps after the first start. In version 3.0 an interesting beta feature collection has with AirMirror also held in the software. This enables the transmission of the complete Android-screen in real time, so that let apps use on PC. However, this is necessary root access on the device.

What’s New:
1. Fixed the exploit that attackers in the same network can upload files to your device without authentication in some way.
2. Fixed a bug that prevents uploading folder with more than 100 files successfully in AirDroid Web.

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