9 Innings Manager APK

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Baseball comes to life in 9 Innings Manager CREATE YOUR OWN ALL-STAR TEAM! Over 5,000 registered MLB PA Players Recruit your favorite players through TRADES and DRAFTS Sign and renew contracts with the best players Scout players through FA Market to keep your team strong!

9 Innings Manager APK

Player stats are set according to real records as they will change and develop continuously to their maximum potential
Each player goes through unique Growth and Prime periods
It’s your duty as the GM to come up with the most efficient game strategy: manage your roster, pick fitting skills for your players, and address the media and more!

Strengthen your team and get rewards in LEAGUE matches and compete around the globe in LADDER mode
Observe your team perform through a sophisticated simulation broadcast
Minute details such as the ball’s trajectory and speed are calculated to be simulated
Speed up the gameplay simulation or skip to the end

Compete against users around the world for a true fantasy baseball experience!

Android Minimum Requirements
9 Innngs Manager will run as long as you have 1GB memory on the device.

Network Requirements
Internet connection is required
Check your data network status before starting the game
About 55MB of game data will be downloaded upon first launch

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