Unblocked: Now play in your office or school

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a microorganism? If you have, then is for you! It’s a game that has gained so much popularity, but not many people know about it, myself included. Well, I recently saw it being played on House of Cards, and decided to give it a go myself. It’s basically a game where you’re a cell, and you have to survive in a room filled with other cells, which are obviously other people, considering it’s a multiplayer game. Or, in the words of Conway from HOC, “You start out as a little itty bitty dot, and then you have to eat these other dots and get bigger. The bigger you get, you have to avoid getting eaten by the bigger players. Meanwhile, you are trying to eat the smaller players.”

Agario Unblocked

Agario Unblocked
Agario Unblocked

On the official site,, you have the option to either just jump right in as a guest, or create an account so you can join clans and save your work. I just chose the Guest option and jumped right in. When I first got into the room, I was greeted by a couple of MASSIVE blobs, who were basically chasing all the other players in sight and consuming them. The challenge was to outrun them, eat the ‘Food’, which were basically small cells, and become massive blobs ourselves. If you want to join clans, or save your work in any way, you can create a free account on the site.

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Now, there are some intricacies to the game not many people know about. You can press the space key to split into two cells, and you can use the W key to eject some mass, namely 25. This is sometimes useful because you get slowed down drastically when you’re a huge blob.

As in any massively multiplayer game, there are some teams who just want to WIN, and don’t really want to have fun playing. Servers with people like these are no fun to play in. For example, one server I was in had a team of 4, of which one was just stationary, and the other 3 were taking smaller cells and feeding them to the huge blob. These cheaters can take the fun out of the game, but the chance of you encountering them is pretty low, to be honest.

Now play game in your office or school
Now play game in your office or school has also come out with iOS and android versions of their game, which is distributed by none other than MiniClip. The controls for the touch version are pretty straightforward, with you having one joystick, which works well about 95% of the time. The PC version needs you to control your blob with your mouse, and mouse only.

Play Agario Game Online Unblocked has gained so much popularity, that the servers are being banned in most offices, schools and colleges worldwide. If you want to have a little fun in your break, or that one boring meeting you’re sitting in just doodling away, you can use one of the many pirate servers that have popped up for the game. These pirate servers basically act like proxies, and unblock the game where IT has blocked it. One pirate server I would recommend is which is a pretty stable and fast pirvate unblocked server for the game.

So what do you think about the whole idea of basing a game on cells eating cells? Tell us in the comments below!

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